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The advancing of technology is endless and today, even more people are using their smartphones to surf the web–because of convenience.

Tablets are also a huge hit and so are the smart watches. Users can access everything they need from a phone or mobile device and if you run a business you need to be able to meet them not halfway–but where they are.

It’s what they expect.

Recent studies show that over 80% of the population search for local businesses on their mobile devices. This article shows you why responsive web design is something you need to have if you own or run a business of any size.

What Does Responsive Mean?



Responsive, simply put, means on any device. It’s a type of web design that puts your website front and center on all devices.

Each website is formatted to respond to different screen sizes.

A professional responsive website will adjust it’s content, images, call to action (your click here links) and other features according to how it’s viewed.

Your responsive website, as a good example, will show the text and image sizes larger on a mobile phone for easier reading. You can also see the website without zooming in and out like the old days.


How To Make Your Website Responsive


Whether you have a website that’s been up for 20 years or recently decided you need one, we at AngelTD can transform your old website into a smoothly responsive one. Or we can build your new website with responsiveness.

We specialize in web design and graphic design. To learn more about our services, please call us at 469-226-1773 and ask about your options.