Why Rent A Designer Works For Business

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We developed our Rent A Designer program because we had several companies and small businesses needing our services and they preferred us to the tedious process of hiring, insuring, and eventually firing individual designers when the jobs were done. 

Companies spend thousands monthly on design and we simplified that process with our Rent A Designer service. The fact is that, for most businesses, hiring and firing is a painstaking process that could cost a lot of time and money–and it isn’t necessary anymore.

We turned this problem into an innovative solution for all businesses who need the professional design for the look and feel of their business.

AngelTD’s Rent A Designer program will:

  1. Save you both time and money
  2. Provide a highly interactive experience
  3. Empower your business


Is The Rent-A-Designer Program What You Need?

meetingThe Rent-A-Designer program is not for everyone. It was designed for the business that needs graphics but doesn’t have the budget for hiring a full time designer year round complete with insurance, paid sick days, etc.

When it comes to renting your designer, you will need to plan the time and dates so if you have a huge project coming up, Rent-A-Designer isn’t your last minute option.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price for Rent-A-Designer services start at $40/hour with a minimum 4 hour purchase ($160 total). If you need our services for 40+ hours then our pricing goes down to $26/hour.

The perks are there are no overtime fees, no health insurance or other hassles that come with hiring a full time employee just to fire them a few months down the road.

What Do You Get?

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  • You get a member of our design team who works hard to get you the best designs at an hourly rate.
  • Your company will benefit from a professional design (or multiple designs depending on how many hour you book)
  • Design services and Printing services included are:
    • Graphic design
    • Logo design
    • Promotional design
    • Animation services
    • Interactive PDF (sales orders and receipts)
    • We come to your location with our tools or we Skype you if you are outside the Dallas area
    • We work with you, not for you.
    • Your graphics will be done in the same time frame because we are working with you. No need to wait until next week unless you include a printing order then it’s 3-5 business days.


How Does It Work?

  1. You simply book your hours by clicking here. Minimum 4 hours must be purchased so just adjust the quantity to 4 when you check out.
  2. We call you to set up a time and discuss if you are coming to our office, if we are coming to your office, or if we are meeting over Skype.
  3. When we meet, we will work together on meeting your goals in the time frame you purchased. If we go over the time, you can always purchase another hour while our team member is working with you.
  4. Feedback and changes will be considered as we are working.
  5. Shake hands for jobs well done!

What Happens I need more than 40 hours?

Rent-A-Designer empowers businesses to save time and money. If you need more than 40 hours we can work out a time and budget plan for your business. Simply book your first 4 hours with us and we will meet and make a schedule.


Book Your Rent A Designer

rent a designerNeed Graphic Design Services but don’t want to deal with hiring them, firing them, or negotiating pay?

Simply RENT a Designer.

Book Now for $40/hour