This is a great way to give our services a try and you get

  • 1 Custom Designed Blog Graphic
  • 1 Custom Designed Social Media Graphic
  • 1 Day of FREE Online Advertising sponsored by AngelTD

Upload your logo and any product images below:

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The Starter Marketing and Design Package includes:

  1. 1 Design for Social Media (branded with your logo and product image OR tailored to a previous blog post that you would like to repurpos)
  2. 1 Design for Your Blog (branded with your logo and designed with the subject of your blog post)
  3. 1 Day of Online Advertising for EITHER your blog post with image design OR your social media post with the design promoted by AngelTD

**Your designs will be delivered within 24 hours after payment has cleared and the online advertising will start after you have used the posts and send us the links to promote