Premium Content Marketing Package


The Premium Content Marketing Package is great for the busy entrepreneur so you can focus on doing what you love: your business.



Included in this package:

  • 6 Blog posts per month with 500–1500 word count with up to 3 graphics designed per post
  • 6 Graphics designed according to social media channel image size specifications per week
  • Online Newsletter Design and management with 2 campaigns per month
  • 6 Planned Posts on Facebook and Twitter three times a day.
  • Online promotion of the 3 social channels and blog posts.
  • 4 Twitter and Instagram Video clips promoting blog posts or product a month
  • 4 Facebook and YouTube videos promoting blog posts or products per month

You can include your own video, graphics, unedited drafts for us to edit. If you don’t have drafts, our team will do the post writing for you.  A posting schedule will be created and shared with you.

Please note that your website and social media accounts must already be set up.