What Does The New Facebook Algorithm Change Mean For Your Brand?

Facebook's new algorithm


Facebook’s latest algorithm change is bad news for publishers and brands. Facebook is changing it’s ways again to spotlight on actual people and friends rather than brands.

What this means for you, the brand, is to simply own  your brand. Think of this as a challenge in the workplace that you have to overcome and add to your portfolio as an accomplishment.

How To Get Around This:

Your Profile

Make sure your profile includes your brand as your employment. For example, Johnna Sabri is helping promote her friend’s brand, Skypony Studio, so she listed on Facebook her current position as Sales at Skypony Studio. Whenever you see her profile, you will also see her title.


Blog regularly and share it from your personal profile. Or share to a page and share that page with your friends–but the key is you, your personal profile that is, has to be the one doing the sharing.

Friends List

Go over your friends list and find a few who would be interested in joining a sharing circle. A sharing circle consists of a few friends who will commit to posting your links in exchange for your posting their’s.


Groups are a hot way of marketing and many page admins also create groups around their brand.

Other Networks

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Meaning don’t limit yourself to just Facebook. If you post strategically to all the networks, you will drive a diverse traffic to you website who are all looking for what you provide.