Perfecting Your Tweet With Elements of Design

the perfect tweet


Everyone’s on Twitter and are always re-tweeting, faving, and having conversations. On Twitter, everyone always has something to say.


But, what is the perfect tweet?


Well, it depends on what you are tweeting. We borrowed one of our designer’s Twitter handle.

For example, if you are reaching out to someone to engage with them, then a great tweet would be something like this:

  There are several elements that make up the perfect Tweet and as you can see in the graphic below:         elements       1. The @mention reaches out to the person you want to tweet to. 2. The message you are conveying. Notice there is no link. In this type of tweet, it’s perfectly okay. 3. The image is something pretty and reiterates the message. 4. Our Logo.      Branding your Twitter pictures with your logo is a must for any business.       Now, if you want to reach out to someone and invite them to your website, here is a great idea to do so.    

Here is the breakdown of the elements of this great tweet.





  • 1. The person who you are reaching out to is first.
  • 2. The phrase, “Click” or “Click here” have been proven to drive more click through engagement to websites.
  • 3. The link is right after “click” and both are at the beginning of the tweet which makes for a high percentage rate of clicks.
  • 4. A few hashtags that pertain to what the tweet is about may gain some retweets and clicks to your website from others on Twitter.
  • 5. The Logo is a must for any business branded Tweet.
  • 6. A great image like this one will help round off the perfect Tweet that your following can’t resist to click on.

Your Twitter Image Is Important.


Your Twitter images should be design specifically for a Twitter post. We at AngelTD can help with that.


We can design the perfect Twitter post for your website, blog post, store, or other online site you want promoted.


What you get with us:


  • A design optimized for Twitter
  • Your logo included on your design.
  • A png and jpeg copy of the design.
  • A scripted Tweet for your design including 3 hashtags to get your Tweet found.


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