Animation Design

AngelTD’s  team was invited to Dallas Startup Weekend by Crowdify and this video is the result of powerful collaboration.

Animation Design covers all aspects of animation:


  • Video editing

  • Animation

  • 3D Logo Animation

  • Branded Greeting Cards (with your logo)

Video Editing

You’ve just finished recording a video and you would like to transform that fresh footage into something that is worthy of any televition set, website or presentation.

Whatever the case, your video needs to be presented in the right fashion.

We format your video specifically for what you want it for from televition advertising and news broadcasting to customized YouTube clips for your channel.

Your brand was meant to shine and at AngelTD we put the spotlight on your brand.

Animation Services We Provide

♦ 2D and 3D Animation ♦ Flash animation ♦ Animated videos ♦ Animated storyboards ♦ Animatics ♦ Animated illustrations ♦ Animation for e-learning ♦ Animation for websites ♦ Animation for corporate events ♦ Animation for media, journalism and entertainment ♦

Animated and 3D Logos

We can bring your logo to life in our studio, create short vidoes with your logo in one of the above presentation fields.

We can also create YouTube commercials like the ones below

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